How welcome email series can turn new subscribers into customers.


Does your business have a welcome email for all new subscribers and customers?

When users subscribe to a newsletter or website, they get welcome emails. Some of these emails may come from the sales team, C.E.O, directors, etc. These welcome emails make users feel welcomed.

Welcome email series tends to build trust and stronger customer relationships with your new leads and may further turn them into customers.

Why use welcome email series instead of a single welcome email

Making a good first impression is Important in every meeting and writing a single email would not be enough. Continuous assurance is the key to gaining trust.

Sending welcome email series should be done over the first few weeks after subscription. Each email should contain bits of information about your product and services. It should include; your brand values, solutions to problems your brand provides, and what one stands to gain from a continuous reading of your email.

How welcome email series can turn new subscribers into customers.

Characteristics of your email series

The first few emails you will send to your new subscribers are very important. You should have these characteristics

  • Send as soon as possible: Send your welcome email as soon as someone subscribes. Most people expect their welcome emails almost immediately. This is the best time to capture their attention as they are still interested in what you have to offer.
  • It should be short: Let your email be short and precise. Avoid long and boring emails. People lose interest after the first few lines.
  • It should be personalized: Personalize your emails. People feel you are thinking of them when your email is personalized. To get some personal data about your subscribers for the personalization ask questions related to what you need on the signup page e.g name, date of birth, nationality, etc
  • Your email subject should be easy to understand: Use simple words in your email subject for easy understanding, people lose interest if they have to search dictionaries for words you use before they can understand the message you are trying to send. Don’t just use simple words but also makes sure they are interesting enough and also match the tone of your brand
  • Offer freebies (discount, gifts): Offering discounts and gifts to new subscribers is like breaking the ice. The freebies might encourage them to take up your offer and patronize you.
  • Set expectations: While you are settling your new subscribers with your welcome email, also make them anticipate your next email. Set expectations of what they stand to gain by patronizing your brand, and promise them future deals.

How welcome email series boosts revenue

Here are the reasons why welcome emails have the tendency to increase revenue

  • It gives a brand an opportunity to tell its story and communicate their value
  • It is interesting to read since it’s short and precise, unlike single mails where all the information is cramped up in one long email that subscribers may not finish reading.
  • It gives the brand opportunity to repeat and communicate their offer
  • When a subscriber continues to see your email overtime it builds trust


Endeavor to adopt the culture of sending email series to your new subscribers.

If you already send a single email with all the information needed, then, disintegrate them into short interesting information.


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