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Misqom provides IT project consulting & management services to both SME and large-scale businesses, helping them implement future-proof strategies by leveraging information technology.

Misqom provides IT project consulting & management services to small, medium, and large-scale businesses. We help clients implement a technology strategy and transform their business through information technologies. We help build, manage and support IT projects with our portfolio of services including Business Analysis, Systems Design and Development, Project Management, Quality Assurance Testing, and Deployment.

Concerned about launching your IT project because of the issues listed below or dealing with them right now?

At Misqom, we take into account your project’s condition (whether it is in the planning stage or is already underway) and the difficulties you are facing in order to concentrate our consulting engagement on your pain areas and ensure that your return from our services is concrete. We offer your organization the following services:

Project Assessment

Analyzing project goals, required timeframes, targeted budget, workflows, and communication.

Conducting a feasibility study.

Estimating resource demands and availability.

Interviewing project participants.

Assessing project risks and developing risk mitigation plans.

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Project Planning

Project planning

Roadmapping the project with the breakdown into work phases, tasks, and deliverables.

Planning high-level solution architecture and functional scope.

Scheduling the sequence of project implementation.

Estimating project time and cost.

Choosing a project management methodology (Scrum, Kanban, etc).

Project Resource Management

Building a project staffing plan.

Allocating resources to project tasks according to an employee’s skillset, planning multi-project resource allocation if needed.

Staffing micro-teams to achieve project milestones.

Elaborating on an optimal communication process scheme.

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Project Control

IT project management

Defining quantifiable KPIs for the entire project and for milestones to have project progress under control.

Investigating project deviations from the timeline or budget and applying a contingency plan to adapt a project implementation plan to the changed context.

Deliverables You Get with Misqom Project Management & Consulting

Supporting PM Documentation

  • Estimated project scope, risks, and budgets.
  • Description of a chosen PM methodology and project implementation approach.
  • A project management plan.
  • Detailed project timeline estimates and breakdown into work phases, deliverables, and activities.
  • Optimal project schedule.
  • Scheme and/or schedule for optimal resource allocation throughout the project.

PM instruments

  • Project KPI system and KPI templates.
  • Recommended project management software (we can customize, set it up on demand and provide initial user training).
  • Requirements traceability matrix.

Established processes for:

  • Requirements formalization.
  • Quality assurance(QA).
  • Project communication, including project performance reporting.
  • Continuous project performance assessment and improvement.
  • Continuous integration and continuous delivery (our DevOps experts can design and implement the CI/CD pipeline).
  • Release and deployment management.
  • Proactive risk management.
  • Vendor management, in case of multi-sourcing (incl. creation of performance standards for contractors).

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