How to create engaging social media content


How to create engaging social media content for your brand to keep your audience engaged at all times.

Are you a small business owner or an entrepreneur who finds it difficult to keep your audience engaged on social media? This blog is for you, hang on tight!

With over 3 billion social media users across the world, you’ll discover that your brand has a large audience to feed. There are also a lot of brands trying to get their attention as much as you. Knowing how to create engaging social media content would give you an edge over your competitors.

Social media originally was created for connecting with family and friends. To get the attention of your audience you are not only competing with other brands you are also competing with the fun chat they were meant to have with family and friends.

A few tips to guide you on how to create engaging social media content

  • Use images: Writing long text won’t get a lot of attention and even if it does, the reader would get bored after the first few lines. Using images related to your post would keep them reading.
  • Use graphics: convert your information into graphics, graphics are used to summarize your post, for people who can’t or don’t have the time to read your post. Summarizing with graphics can get their attention.
  • Post customer reviews: Most people would rather check your customer reviews than the content of your product before buying. Sharing customers’ reviews would be to your advantage.
  • Host contest: Humans are competitive in nature. Hosting social media contests would increase your engagement especially if there is a price to be won and not just bragging rights. There are series of contest that can be held some of which includes
    • Tag a friend: for this type of contest they are asked to tag their friends, the more friends they tag the more their chances of winning
    • Audience-generated content: this type of contest allows your audience to create posts surrounding your preferred theme on their wall and tag your page to join.
    • Like, share, comment: audience like and comment on your post and share with their friends to participate.
  • Use hashtags: Don’t just use any hashtags but the one that is trending and related to your post. Hashtags presents you to a larger audience when they search for the hashtag. Try to make your post relevant to trending hashtags. Also bear in mind that hashtags don’t gain much engagement on all social media platforms e.g Instagram hashtag engagement is high compared to that of Facebook.

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  • Tag social media influencers: Use quotes from influencers and tag influencers and other bloggers whose quotes appear on your blog post. It’s a great way to get more audience.
  • Add games: Most times people search for quizzes to help release stress. Mixing your content with quizzes, riddles or puzzles will keep your audience engaged and this keeps them coming for more.
  • Add social media buttons to email newsletter: Social media and email supplement each other, emails are usually long and not everyone can thoroughly go through them, adding social media buttons to your email will convert your email audience to your social media page which is more engaging.
  • Garnish your post with stories: Adding stories to your blog post makes it more relatable and keeps your audience interested to the end so they know the outcome.
  • Search and use the latest trends: Have you ever tried scrolling through posts on social media and then you see a post around a trending topic, what do you do? You stop and read. So do I and so do many other people on social media.

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