6 Ways to increase awareness for your new business


6 Ways you can increase the awareness of your business in today’s digital economy

Even after opening a business, people need to know about the business to be able to seek you. Your brand needs to be on people’s minds for them to search for you, especially in this time of online shopping where advertisements can pop up indiscriminately on your screen. This is where strong brand awareness comes in.

The more people are aware of your brand the more people are likely to seek after your brand.

What is brand awareness?

Brand awareness is the extent to which your business or product is recognized by a customer. Most businesses try hard to increase their brand awareness as it gives them an edge over other competitors, and customers tend to trust them more and remain loyal to their products.

6 Ways to increase awareness for your new business

Why is brand awareness important to new businesses

The importance of brand awareness cannot be overemphasized especially to newbies in the business who have existing competition that already has loyal customers. Brand awareness influences customer decisions a great deal. It makes them remember your product, understand your product and be comfortable with the idea of owning your product.

Brand awareness plays an important role in marketing your product new/old. It introduces you to your target customers which further grow into trust and credibility.

How to increase brand awareness

There are different tactics or strategies that can be applied to increase your brand awareness to their target audience. These strategies, if effectively used, can increase your brand awareness over time. They include

  • Content marketing
  • Influencers marketing
  • Use branded packaging
  • Apply search engine optimization
  • Use referral programs
  • Create more video content

Content marketing: Post multiple contents on social media. Ensure that the content you post is rich in quality, fun, and relatable. When people view your post and enjoy it, chances are that they would share it with their friends, and the chances of you getting potential customers are high. So invest in the number and quality of content you put on your page.

Influencer marketing: Getting influencers on social media is a sure way to get customers. This method is advised for brands whose target audience is between the age range of 18-29, who are active on social media and are likely to be influenced by these influencers on social media platforms. Every social media platforms have influencers, and each of these influencers has a line of interest, get influencers whose interest and values match your brand’s.

Use branded packaging: Have you ever bought an item and it got delivered to you in an attractive branded package, it feels like you’re being gifted the item and you want to keep the packaging around for a while, chances are that a friend of yours comes around and sees the packaging and loves it too, and you tell them about the how you bought the item and got it delivered to you in that attractive packaging. They get interested and might even buy.

From the illustration above, you can see that using attractive brand packaging not only makes your customer happy but also increases your brand awareness and get you, new customers.

Apply search engine optimization (SEO) strategies: People hardly go past the first page when they search for products on Google or other search engines. Using SEO strategies would ensure that your product is usually on the first page when they search for products related to yours.

Use referral programs: Referral programs are giving your customers incentives to convince their friends, family, or followers to patronize your brand. This way your customer’s customer becomes your customer. This way you don’t just have to depend on only your social media presence but your customers also contribute.

Create more video content: videos tend to catch people’s attention more than text and pictures. Even if you write an interesting copy and your counterparts are using more videos, chances are that your content would be scrolled passed and your counterparts would be watched, liked, and maybe even shared. Social media also read the algorithm of different posts and the one with the most engagement is usually promoted, if yours falls into the category, then your brand awareness will also be on the rise.

Extra tip

Always show up. yes both offline and online, always share information about your brand. When people continue to see your product all the time chances are that they would stop and look one day, and then you might gain for yourself a loyal customer.


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