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Blogging and Content Writing

Don’t get stuck by not knowing what next to write or publish on your personal/corporate blog.

We help you overcome the writing blockade by providing you with good & excellent writers, contributors, ghost & guest writers across any category of blogging/business niche you are struggling with:

What is content writing?

Content writing is a process that involves generating, writing articles, editing web content, copywriting, scripts for podcasts, and video production for the purpose of marketing, brand awareness, sales, customer retention, special events, ceremonies, entertainment, etc. These contents can be used on and off social media platforms for the intended purpose.

Importance of content writing

  • Content writing helps to boost your website  search engine optimization (SEO).

  • Improves your domain authority.
  • Good and frequent content increase the trust of your brand.
  • Good content helps in customer retention.
  • It’s a good and long term marketing technique.

What is blogging?

Blogging is the self-publication of written articles, academic writing, research, lifestyle, photography, and other related media on the internet in different niches. Blogging is done using third-party websites like blogger, wordpress, Wix, etc. or customized websites.

Types of Blogs

  • Personal Blog
  • Business Blog
  • Professional Blog
  • Company Blog
  • Educational Blog
  • Entertainment Blog

General blogging statistics

  • There are more than 600 million blogs on the internet

  • Over 2 million blog posts are published on a daily basis

  • 77 % of internet users read blogs

  • Internet users leave around 77 million comments per month on blog posts

  • 409 million people view WordPress.com blog pages every month

  • 54% of Fortune 500 companies have public-facing blogs

  • Almost half of all internet users take the opinions of bloggers and vloggers into account

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